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An all-in-one tool to send everything to Pocket and read it later: newsletters, RSS feeds, Twitter threads

Save newsletter issues

1000+ unread emails? Save newsletters to Pocket. Don't make it worse.

Follow your favourite blogs

Never miss the last publication from your favourite blogs with an RSS reader made for Pocket.

Save memorable threadsBETA

You know you'll never check your Twitter bookmarks. So why do you keep bookmarking threads for later?

We needed this

Aniket Teredesai 馃懢@AniketTeredesai

I really wish I could use @Pocket for saving Twitter threads and book highlights like Readwise.


9:31 路 Jan 28 2021

Oscar 馃嚞馃嚬@cocafunes

I think @Pocket should support Twitter threads when saving the first tweet 馃


18:22 路 Jan 14 2021


@Pocket @pocketsupport Feature Request: Ability to auto-forward/subscribe to newsletters via Pocket. Same for RSS feeds. I'm hoping for a way to get all my reading material into pocket.


7:36 路 Nov 28 2020

Eliezer Steinbock@elie2222

Nice. I needed this! Hate that I can鈥檛 easily move newsletters to pocket


14:22 路 Nov 29 2020


Does anyone know a good way to automatically transfer substack newsletters into @Pocket? Unfortunately I can鈥檛 set up automatic email forwarding because I can鈥檛 confirm I own Pocket鈥檚 email address, so, uh 馃し


18:22 路 Jan 14 2021

Keep your inbox clean

A mailbox is the worst reading experience. And if you鈥檙e like me you find dozens of newsletters in your inbox every morning. Instead of snoozing, archiving without reading, and whatnot, save them to your Pocket list for later.

Forget about bookmarks

Let鈥檚 face it, what gets bookmarked never sees the light again. Blogs, Twitter threads, they all lie somewhere waiting to be read. Unfortunately, they won鈥檛. Your Pocket list is already fill with gems. Give your blogs and Twitter threads a chance to be enjoyed, save them to Pocket.

Stay Up to Date

If you are a knowledge worker, you probably regularly looking at what is going on in your field. That means following a lot of newsletters, blogs. Save everything you receive the week to Pocket so you can read it over the weekend or while sipping your morning coffee 鈽

Learn New Skills

You can teach yourself Marketing, Finance, Copywriting, Design or even Web Development by reading newsletters, articles and practical twitter threads. By saving them to Pocket, you can tag, highligh, favourite, archive, and build some solid learning material.

Fuel your Creative Mind

You are just a straight up thinker? You love to constantly expose yourself to new ideas but you just can鈥檛 keep up with the rythm at which you receive new content? I feel you. Just save it all in one click and wait for the right time to Pocket and Chill 馃嵖

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